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Prom Theory

Author: Ann LaBar

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Young Adult


Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Length: 400 pages

Oh as annoying this book was it actually was pretty good. It has a cute concept that I could see being a movie. Iris is smart and I understand her sense of wanting to understand things but she really got under my skin for some reason. I would still encourage people to read this book because it was really cute, I just don't know if I can be able to get around Iris if I were to read it again.


Iris Oxtabee has managed to navigate the tricky world of unspoken social interactions by reading everything from neuroscience journals to Wikipedia articles. Science has helped her fit the puzzle pieces into an understandable whole, and she’s sure there’s nothing it can’t explain. Love, for example, is just chemistry. Her best friend Seth, however, believes love is one of life’s beautiful and chaotic mysteries, without need for explanation. Iris isn’t one to back down from a challenge; she’s determined to prove love is really nothing more than hormones and external stimuli. After all, science has allowed humanity to understand more complex mysteries than that, and Iris excels at science. The perfect way to test her theory? Get the popular and newly-single Theo Grant, who doesn’t even know Iris exists, to ask her to prom. With prom just two weeks away, Iris doesn’t have any time to waste, so she turns her keen empirical talents and laser-focus attention to testing her theory. But will proving herself correct cause her friendship with Seth—and the tantalizing possibility for something more—to become the failed experiment?

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