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Accidentally Engaged

Author: Farah Heron

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Adult, Chick Lit


Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

Length: 357 Pages

This book was hysterically ironic and I loved every second. It was cute and silly with so much culture. I couldn't get enough. I was just a little uncomfortable with how much Nadim likes feet, but that is my own personal opinion and if you are like me, you should still read the book. I love books with culture like this because it's so interesting and cool to read about and sort of experience through the characters. Especially when the characters are fun and sassy. Overall a really well written and cool book.


Reena Manji doesn’t love her career, her single status, and most of all, her family inserting themselves into every detail of her life. But when caring for her precious sourdough starters, Reena can drown it all out. At least until her father moves his newest employee across the hall--with hopes that Reena will marry him.

But Nadim’s not like the other Muslim bachelors-du-jour that her parents have dug up. If the Captain America body and the British accent weren’t enough, the man appears to love eating her bread creations as much as she loves making them. She sure as hell would never marry a man who works for her father, but friendship with a neighbor is okay, right? And when Reena’s career takes a nosedive, Nadim happily agrees to fake an engagement so they can enter a couples video cooking contest to win the artisan bread course of her dreams.

As cooking at home together brings them closer, things turn physical, but Reena isn’t worried. She knows Nadim is keeping secrets, but it’s fine— secrets are always on the menu where her family is concerned. And her heart is protected… she’s not marrying the man. But even secrets kept for self preservation have a way of getting out, especially when meddling parents and gossiping families are involved.


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